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Veneers - Flitches - Exotic Species - ROGERS VENEER & PLYWOOD SALES CO.

Our Exotic Wood Veneers sold by the Flitch or Sequenced Bundles
We handle Foreign Exotic and Domestic Species Burls, Swirls, Figured and Crotches.

Anigre thru Zebrawood * Flitch Stock * 2 Ply * Custom Plywood * Veneer

Afrormosia, Anigre, Ash,
Avodire, Beech, Bubinga, Cherry, Etimoe,Holly,
Imbuya, Kevazinga, Lacewood, East Indian Laurel,
Louro Preto,African Ribbon Mahogany, Honduras
Mahogany, Makore, Maple, Birds EyeMaple,
Movinque, English Brown Oak, European Oak, Rift
White Oak,Red Oak, White Oak, Quartered White
Oak, Olivewood, Orientalwood,Paduak, Paldao,
Pearwood, Pomele Sapeli, Pau Ferro, Santos
Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Santo Domingo
Rosewood, BrazilianRosewood, Sapeli, Satinwood,
Sen, English Sycamore, Teak, Walnut,French
Walnut, Wenge, Zebrawood, Olive Ash Burl,
Carpathian Elm Burl,Imbuya Burl, Vavona Burl,
Walnut Burl, Crotch Mahogany, Karelian Burl,

WE can Manufacture Custom PLYWOOD, 2 PLY, FACES,

FLITCH STOCK, ARCHITECTURAL GRADE, In some instances we will sell part of a flitch.

About Rogers Sales Co *Architectural Veneers - Foreign Exotic & Domestic Species, *Sheet Veneers- 4 x 8 thru 5 x 12 *Stock Plywood *Custom Plywood and
Doors, *Hardwood Lumber, also we manufacture *Custom Hardwood Mouldings in over 50 species. *Stock Hardwood Mouldings in Cherry, Mahogany, Maple,
Oak and Poplar. *Curved Plwood Components, *Edgebanding- Wood & PVC , Adhesives- Glue Pellets and Glue Cartridges. * Ipe Lumber & Decking and
Custom Porch Fooring

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