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IPE Lumber & Decking IPE (ee-pay): is an extremely dense tropical hardwood with excellent durability and performance characteristics. Ipe is the finest quality decking material available,.
It is naturally resistant to fire, having a NFPA Class A rating and a UBC Class 1 rating (that of steel and concrete). This wood resists moisture, insects and movement, and it can be used in ground contact without preservatives or additional treatments. Ipe is the top performer in resistance to decay, termites, and marine borers. It is perfect lumber for exterior commercial and residential applications such as decking, boardwalks, marine boat docks, outdoor porch flooring, etc. It can be sealed to maintain its natural color and beauty and warm russet tones or allowed to weather to a beautiful silver gray patina.This very dense wood requires no sealers or treatments for durability. Because it is one of natures most dense woods, Ipe remains smooth and splinter free. It will not absorb water, twist, splinter, or bow like softer pressure treated lumber.

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