Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rogers Sales Company – Your Number One Stop for Everything Veneer

We are engaged in the Distribution and Sales of Specialty

Architectural Hardwood Veneers in both Domestic and Imported Exotic Species.

We take great care in providing you with Veneer that will make your current project stand out from that of your competitor.

Unlike many other Veneer companies we in most instances will break a flitch and provide you with the square footage you require not what the Flitch requires.

This keeps your material costs down.

  • We will sell you sequenced bundles of Veneer

  • We sample these bundles for you

  • We will provide you with digital pictures, tallies and live samples for client approval.

  • We will gladly ship our Veneer to your shop

  • We will gladly ship directly to your local panel manufacturer
Through pre selection and proper sampling of Veneer you control the ultimate finished appearance of Woodwork elements on your project.

It is that control of grain, color and figure in the Veneer that will make your product flawless and stand out from your competitor

This is what we offer you on every Veneer purchase with us

ROGERS SALES COMPANY – Your Number One Stop for Everything Veneer

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