Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About Our Veneers, Veneer Flitchstock - ROGERS SALES CO. NY

Our Highly figured flitches that will produce
distinctive Veneer usually are sliced for the Architectural
Veneer market .

Terms used to describe
some of these figures include: “fiddleback,” “quilted,”“curly,” “ropey,” “tiger stripe,” etc.

Key quality requirements for Architectural, Door, and Panel Veneers
are large, blemish-free areas, consistent and uniform coloration and grain pattern the Architectural Panel market demands greater consistency of appearance since panels will be placed side-by-side in sequence around a room so that many square feet are visible.

Our High-quality Veneer logs are typically manufactured into
High-Value Veneer products, Flat- and Quarter-sliced Veneer, Rift and Half-round Veneer

Our high-value Veneer markets that utilize Rotary Cut veneer are
Birds-Eye Maple and the Burl market.

Our Veneers are the Highest Quality Veneer produced in North America and rotary slicing is required to produce the most desirable Birdseye Maple and Burl figures.

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